Monday, 7 September 2015

Learning to Crochet

I dabbled in a little bit of crochet about a year ago but haven't tried anything for ages so decided to give it a go again recently. With the upcoming baby I thought it would be the perfect excuse to try and make a few lovely bits for her.

The first thing I want to make is a blanket.... so far I only have a square, but I just wanted to share how I did it.

Sarah from Bella Coco - a lovely lady I have been following for some time has a beautiful Instagram account and some amazing You Tube Videos so I started there. The video was really clear and concise although I have to admit it did take me about 3 hours one morning to even get this far. The amount of times I started, failed and then started again - BUT I was determined and was SO SO chuffed with my little square ! SO don't be put off if it seems tricky and you want to master it - just keep at it !

Then I wanted to make one of these lovely roses I had seen her make so I followed this video and made this cute little one for a dummy clip I made. Again it was a little fiddly at first and I had to stop the video a few times, plus it helps to keep a note of your stitches by writing them down. I was super happy with how it turned out though ! Sarah also has beginners videos which are great at teaching what the basic stitches are.

Most recently I have wanted to try a crochet basket ! I got my Grandma some zpagetti yarn to try but she is losing her sight so struggled a bit with it so I decided to try myself and followed this ladies video on You Tube. I skipped the bit about making your own t shirt yarn. Mine also started to 'curl' up at the edges too soon so I think my tension may have been a bit too tight, but I am still really pleased with the finished basket. You can't see the holes here and a couple of messy bits at the back, but I love it anyway!! How cute does it look with her little bunnies inside waiting for her.

Anyway I hope this inspires you to give crochet a go if you have been wanting too and if you are a pro and have any tips or know of anything lovely you think I'd like to try next - please let me know !

Thanks for reading xx

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